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AlcoHAWK Micro Keychain Alcohol Breath Tester

AlcoHAWK Micro Keychain Alcohol Breath Tester

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AlcoHAWK® Micro Keychain Alcohol Breath Tester

The AlcoHAWK® Micro offers an incredible compact breath alcohol screener at an affordable price. The compact design offers easy carrying on a police belt or even on a keychain. The Micro features a folding mouthpiece design and two digit LED display, and contains a highly accurate semi-conductor oxide sensor. The AlcoHAWK® Micro also contains an advanced electric exhale pressure monitor to ensure that an accurate breath sample is obtained. All these professional features rolled into a unit this small and portable make it a great choice for professional alcohol screening on the go!

Key Features
Electric Pressure Monitor: The AlcoHAWK® Micro contains an electronic air flow sensor to ensure a deep lung sample is obtained. This is a vital new function because only samples of air from the deep lung are proportionate to blood alcohol content. This new innovative sensor ensures the user exhales through the mouthpiece with the required force over the five second exhale. This is an important feature for professional screening to prevent an intentional or unintentional short exhale which could effect accuracy.

Sample Concentration Monitor: The AlcoHAWK® Micro contains a software upgrade to allow the unit to track if an even alcohol concentration is detected in the blowing sample. This cutting edge technology serves as another check of sample integrity.

Compact Design: The AlcoHAWK® Micro was created with ultimate space efficiency and portability in mind, and it is small enough to fit inside a purse or pocket and can be used as a keychain. The Micro contains a folding mouthpiece design to allow for compact storage.

Breath Capture Flexibility: The AlcoHAWK® Micro has a non -contact passive detection feature. This is great for simply screening for the presence of a trace level of alcohol. The unit also contains a foldable mouthpiece design for more accurate screening.

AlcoHAWK® Micro Specifications
Dimensions 3.5 x 1.5 x 6cm
Housing Shock resistant, molded plastic
Battery AAA Battery
Battery Life 150 Tests
Sensor Sensitive Semiconductor Sensor
Blowing Time 5 Seconds
Response Time 5 Seconds
Digtial Display 2 Digits (.00% B.A.C.)
Operating Temp 10 - 40c
Detection Range .00 - .12% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
Air Sample 5 Second Deep Lung Sample
Calibration DOT Approved Web Bath Simulator
Operation Single Button
Warranty 1 Year