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Beltronics Laser Pro 905 (LP905)

Beltronics Laser Pro 905 (LP905)

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Part Number:BEL LP-905

Beltronics Laserpro 905

LaserPro 905 Has Been Discontinued - Replaced by ZR4

Beltronics LaserPro 905
The Ultimate in Laser Defense

LaserPro™ 905 performs beyond the capabilities of traditional laser detectors. LaserPro™ 905 is designed to "block" the return reflection from a traffic laser device. The LaserPro™ 905 must be used in conjunction with a high-performance RX65, RX55, V995, or V965 BEL radar detectors.


  • 2 front-mounted laser transceivers
  • 1 rear-mounted laser transceiver
  • Alerts to laser encounters from front and rear
  • Bright/Dim/Dark display settings

There are no federal laws restricting the use of laser jammers. However, some states may regulate their use. The use of laser jammers is prohibited and/or restricted in California, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Utah. Check your local laws before using the laser "blocking" feature of the LaserPr 905.