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BLINDER X-TREME M20 Laser Jammer

BLINDER X-TREME M20 Laser Jammer

Your Price:$349.00
Discontinued - Replaced by Blinder M25
Part Number:Blinder-M20

Blinder Xtreme M20 Laser Jammer

The Blinder M20 will detect, alert to and jam all laser guns used around the world. It is designed with 2 laser modules that mount in the front of a car, small pickup truck, or small SUV.  This product is our top pick out of all of the laser jammers that we sell.  If you need an additional 2 modules for more protection or if you also want to mount jammers in the rear of the car you should get the M40 package. 
Product specifications

• 2 Transceivers with integrated laser detector / jamming
• All electronics concealed by epoxy
• Smart new snap-lock for easy replacement of lenses
• Single cable connector for easy plug-in to cabin interface
• Transmitter type: 2 x 8 infra red special manufactured jamming diodes
• Detector type: 2 x 3 IR special manufactured photo diode with amplifier
• Microprocessor with stealth jamming technology
• Operating Wavelength: 904 nanometers
• Physical dimensions: 103 x 50 x 18 mm
• Power Requirements: 12.2 volts

BLINDER X-TREME Cabin interface

• For connection of up to 4 Laser Transceivers
• Output to car stereo telephone mute
• Output to light indicator (green) for power on and (flashing red) for laser alert
• Output to audio laser alert 95 dB
• Output to on/off switch


• X-TREME series is the only laser jammer in the world that has removable lenses.
• X-TREME series is the only laser jammer epoxy filled for a 100 percent protection from the element.
• X-TREME series provide self test function, with a new key chain remote.
• X-TREME series installation is quick with the new plug in features and tools for installation.