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BLINDER X-TREME M45 Laser Jammer (J17)

BLINDER X-TREME M45 Laser Jammer (J17)

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Discontinued - Replaced by Blinder M47
Part Number:Blinder-M45

Blinder M45 Laser Jammer


The design, look and feel of the product, is similar to the well known M45. The internal parts have gone through a lot of upgrades & modifications which have resulted in the best performing laser jammer from Blinder International ever.

New features:

  • New laser detector, with wider and more optimal detection of all the police laser systems.
  • New custom made jamming LED’s, to give optimal jamming output, from the transponders.
  • New interface, to supply the new high power jammers with higher voltage.

New Software to detect and jam all the latest new laser systems
The Blinder M45 will detect, alert to and jam all laser guns used around the world. It is designed with 4 laser modules that mount in the front of a larger sized car.  This product is our top pick out of all of the laser jammers that we sell.  If you have a smaller vehicle the M25 with only 2 modules would be a more economical choice.
Product specifications:

• 4 Transceivers with integrated laser detector / jamming
• All electronics concealed by epoxy
• Smart new snap-lock for easy replacement of lenses
• Single cable connector for easy plug-in to cabin interface
• Transmitter type: 2 x 8 infra red special manufactured jamming diodes
• Detector type: 2 x 3 IR special manufactured photo diode with amplifier
• Microprocessor with stealth jamming technology
• Operating Wavelength: 904 nanometers
• Physical dimensions: 103 x 50 x 18 mm
• Power Requirements: 12.2 volts

BLINDER X-TREME Cabin interface

• For connection of up to 4 Laser Transceivers
• Output to car stereo telephone mute
• Output to light indicator (green) for power on and (flashing red) for laser alert
• Output to audio laser alert 95 dB
• Output to on/off switch


• X-TREME series is the only laser jammer in the world that has removable lenses.
• X-TREME series is the only laser jammer epoxy filled for a 100 percent protection from the element.
• X-TREME series provide self test function, with a new key chain remote.
• X-TREME series installation is quick with the new plug in features and tools for installation.