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Cobra Radar Detectors

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Below are all of our Cobra radar detectors that, Best Radar Detectors currently carries. The latest 9x45 series is the latest from Cobra which offers some slight improvements over their older models. The new 2012 Cobra radar detector models have the same performance and features as last years models and all still support the KU band for European drivers. Cobra's top of the line unit the XRS-9965 can connect to an optional GPSL GPS Antenna to provide additional protection from red light cameras and fixed speed devices. The XRS-9970G is the same as the XRS-9965 but it is bundled with the GPS Locator and lifetime gps updates.

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Cobra SPX SPX7700
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Cobra SPX SPX6700
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Cobra Rad 350 Radar Detector
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Cobra Rad 250 Radar Detector
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