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Cobra XRS-9960G Radar Detector

Cobra XRS-9960G Radar Detector

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Cobra XRS-9960G Radar Detector

The Cobra XRS 9960G provides total protection and peace of mind with Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne™ Technology, detecting all 15 radar/laser bands with its super-fast lock-on detection circuitry. The unit provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns. Other features include Cobra exclusive full-color ExtremeBright DataGrafix ® II Display, an 8-point electronic compass, Voice Alert™, car battery voltage display/low car battery warning and much more.

The Cobra XRS-9960G is actually a bundle sku which contains the Cobra XRS-9955 radar detector and the Cobra RDA GPSL55 GPS Locator. The huge benefit of buying the XRS-9960G over the individual components is that when you buy the XRS-9960G it is also bundled with a Lifetime Subscription to the AURA Database for Verified Speed and Red Light Camera locations for the entire United States and Canada.   If you purchase the XRS-9955 & the RDA GPSL55 GPS Locator separately it will not only cost you more to buy the two items separately but you also have to pay to access the AURA database.  The Cobra XRS-9960G at only $229.95 is a tremendous value and there is no product close to this price range range that includes a GPS antenna with all these features..


Features of the Cobra XRS-9960G

  • System Ready Prompt - Notifies the user that the radar detector has correctly completed a self-test and is ready.
  • Spectre I Undetectable - Provides complete immunity to Spectre I radar detector-detectors.
  • Car Battery Voltage Display/Low Car Battery Warning - Provides approximate voltage of your car's battery and also alerts user whenever car battery voltage falls below 11.9 volts.
  • IntelliView™ - Picture-in-picture shows radar/laser alerts simultaneously with GPS locator based alerts.
  • 15-Band™ Detection - Detects 7 radar, 6 laser and 2 safety signals. Radar signals include X Band, K Band, Ka Superwide, Ku Band, VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV+. Laser signals include LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Stalker LIDAR and Speedlaser. Safety signals include Safety Alert® and Strobe Alert®.
  • Spectre Alert™ I/IV+ - Alerts user when they are under surveillance of Spectre I/IV+ radar detector-detectors.
  • Frequency Display Mode - Super-fast CPU determines the frequency of the Ka radar and laser gun frequencies in nano seconds.
  • IntelliMute® Pro - Relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature will render your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors.
  • AURA™ Camera & Driving Database - GPS-based technology warns the driver of fixed speed and red light cameras, speed traps and dangerous intersections across North America. The AURA database is updated daily and provides the industry's most complete and accurate coverage and reliability. GPS Locator and Lifetime subscription included.
  • IntelliScope™ - This Patent-Pending Technology provides information about the direction of Location Based Alerts relative to your moving vehicle using Global Positioning System.
  • Programmable Up to 1,000 Location Alerts - Add up to 1,000 location-based alerts of your choice.
  • VG-2 Undetectable - Provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector-detectors.
  • S-XRS™ Maximum Performance Technology - New and improved Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne (S-XRS™) detection technology, with its super-fast radar lock-on detection circuitry, provides maximum detection range and best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns.
  • Full Color ExtremeBright DataGrafix™ II Display - 1.5" OLED display provides enhanced data display in easy-to-read vivid colors. Also allows user to select from 5 different color schemes to match dash illumination (Full Color, Blue, Orange, Green and Red)
  • POP Mode Radar Gun Detection - Detects the latest POP Mode Radar Gun (Super-fast Instant-On Mode)
  • Ku Band Detection - Detects Ku Band Radar Gun currently being used in Europe. Be prepared for future introduction in the U.S.
  • LaserEye® - Provides 360-degree detection of laser signals.
  • Voice Alert™ - Warns driver with specific voice annunciation of the signal being detected.
  • VG-2 Alert® - Alerts the user when they are under surveillance of VG-2 radar detector-detectors.
  • Strobe Alert® - A Cobra exclusive, works with tens of thousands of emergency vehicles currently equipped with traffic light controlling strobe emitters. Provides advance warning of the presence and/or approach of emergency vehicles.
  • Safety Alert® - Warns drivers of the presence and/or approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossing, and road hazard locations equipped with Cobra's exclusive Safety Alert® transmitters.
  • Auto Mute - Automatically mutes the alert tone for enhanced driver convenience.
  • IntelliMute® - Relative-speed-sensing Auto Mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts.
  • IntelliShield® False Signal Rejection - 3-Level City Mode offers the best false signal rejection in both urban and rural areas.
  • Digital Signal Strength Meter - Provides the driver with relative proximity to the target using 5-level digital signal strength meter.
  • SmartPower™ - Automatically shuts off power to the unit when ignition is turned off.
  • City/Highway Modes - Allows the user to select operating mode, reducing the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas.
  • Dim Mode - Allows the user to dim the radar detector display enhancing night driving visibility.
  • EasySet® Programming Menu - User-friendly mode selection/setting with visual guidance.
  • Stay Set Electronic Memory - Electronically remembers radar detector settings for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed.
  • Digital Speedometer - Provides accurate, current vehicle speed using Global Positioning System.
  • Latitude/Longitude Information - Provides accurate latitude/longitude information using Global Positioning System.
  • 8-Point GPS Compass - Provides accurate, 8-point directional reading using Global Positioning System.
  • 8-Point Electronic Compass - Automatically provides an accurate electronic direction heading.

In the Box:

  • XRS 9955 Detector Unit
  • RDA GPSL55 GPS Locator and Lifetime Subscription to AURA Database for Verified Speed and Red Light Camera locations, dangerous intersections, and reported Speed Trap locations for entire United States and Canada
  • Mini-USB to USB Type-A Adapter Cable for database updates
  • Coiled 12V DC Power Cord
  • Windshield Mounting Bracket with suction cups
  • Instruction manual
All Cobra radar detectors come with the radar detector, a power cord and windshield mount and include a 1 year warranty.
5 Stars
Road Warrior
This is the best Radar Detector I've ever seen or had. Best Radar got it to me fast. Wow, the features are amazing. Worth the money spent to get it. I won't leave home without it. Saved my butt many times. Hope it lasts a couple of years before it's discontinued...
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Reviewed by:  from Macomb, MI. on 7/27/2013
5 Stars
Cobra XRS-9960G Radar Detector
excellent service my device works great detects a lot of red cameras around the city easy to operate
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Calgary Alberta. on 2/20/2011

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