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Compare Cobra Radar Detectors

We get questions daily regarding what are the differences between all the current Cobra radar detector models. Below is a listing of the current cobra radar detector models and a brief summary of the important differences.

Cobra XRS Series Compared:

1. XRS-9345
2. XRS-9445
3. XRS-9545
4. XRS-9645
5. XRS-9745
6. XRS-9845
7. XRS-9945
8. XRS-9955
9. XRS-9965
10. XRS-9960G
11. XRS-9970G
12. XRS-R8
12. XRS-R10G

So there are quite a bunch of different cobra radar detectors but here all all that you need to know. The XRS-93xx --> XRS-95xx series units are the same performance but there are just feature differences.

XRS-9345 - Base Model (LED Display)
XRS-9445 - Same as XRS-9345 but adds Voice Alerts
XRS-9545 - Same as XRS-9445 but adds a better TEXT display

Now the next set of models XRS-96xx --> XRS-99xx are also basically the same performance as each other with the exception of features and displays again. All these units use a different antenna than the lower end models so the performance is better so the detector will give you more time to react.

XRS-9645 - Base Model - (Text Display)
XRS-9745 - Same as XRS-9645 but adds Voice Alerts
XRS-9845 - Same as XRS-9745 but includes a LCD Blue Graphic Display and it can connect to the optional Cobra GPS locator for Red Light and Fixed Camera protection.
XRS-9945 - Same as XRS-9845 but includes a MULTI COLOR Graphic Display
XRS-9955 - Same as XRS-9945 but includes a LARGER LCD Multi Color Graphic Display
XRS-9965 - Same as XRS-9955 but it includes the new Touch Screen LCD Display which was introduced in 2010
XRS-9960G - Same as XRS-9955 but it is bundled with the option GPS Locator so the XRS-9960G offers Red Light and Fixed Camera protection.
XRS-9970G - Same as XRS-9960G but it includes the new Touch Screen LCD Display which was introduced in late 2010

XRS-R8 & XRS-R10G are basically the same as the XRS-9955 & XRS9960G but they are not windshield mounted units, The XRS-R8 + XRS-R10G come with 2 components. The main component gets mounted on the top of your windshield next to your rear view mirror and the second part is a wireless remote with lcd display .

They come with a wireless remote control that can be mounted anywhere for menu controls and alert displays.

XRS-R8 does not come with the GPS Locator for red light and fixed camera protection while the XRS-R10G includes the GPS Locator. That is the only difference between these two models.

As always if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us with any questions.