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Compare Radar Detectors

Need Help choosing the right radar detector for your specific needs? We have compiled a list of the most popular radar detectors along with some of the most popular features to help you choose.
If you ask our opinion, we feel that the best radar detector on the market is between the Escort 8500 x50 Black, Beltronics PRO-300, Beltronics PRO-500, Escort 9500ix, Escort Redline and the Escort Passport Max. With a starting point of $300 for most of these high end detectors they may be out of the range for many shoppers.  We rank these radar detectors on top because they offer the longest ranges, all include POP protection and they are firmware upgradeable so they will not become obsolete anytime soon. 
If you live in an area where radar detectors are illegal (Virginia, Washington DC & some countries including parts of Canada) and you can afford $499.95 then the Escort Redline would be the best radar detector for you.  In areas where detectors are illegal enforcement uses RDD's (Radar Detector Detectors) to find vehicles using radar detectors.  The Escort Redline is immune to all RDD technologies so they can not detect that you have a radar detector in your vehicle. 

When looking for a new radar detector we suggest that you choose a unit with Long Range, POP Mode Protection and if you can afford it a unit which is Firmware Upgradeable..  POP Mode is a normal K or Ka band radar signal which travels from the radar gun to a target and back in less than a 1/10th of a second. Most cheap radar detectors can not see this signal because it is just too fast for the radar detector to see it. This technology is growing and many of the newer models offer protection for this new technology. Firmware Upgradeable has only been available on some of the more expensive units but recently Whistler incorporated this feature on the XTR-690SE, XTR-695SE & Pro-78SE models.  This is nice to have because engineers are always trying to increase performance and having an upgradeable unit gives you the option to send the unit back to the factory to get updated firmware when improvements come out for a small fee. 

More information is available you can view our Detailed Product Comparisons.  If you have any questions always feel free to contact us toll free at 1-888-229-7594


 Price  Display Type Display Color Euro KU Band Cordless Long Range Longest Range Compass POP Mode Remote Mount GPS Voice Alerts USB Updates
Firmware Upgradeable
Beltronics Pro 100  $179.95 TEXT Red           X     X    
Beltronics Pro 200  $229.95 TEXT Red     X     X          
Beltronics Pro 300 $299.95 TEXT Red       X   X     X   X
Beltronics Pro 500 $399.95 TEXT Red       X   X   X X X X
Beltronics Pro RX65 $299.95 TEXT Red X     X   X     X   X
Beltronics Pro RX65 Blue $339.95 TEXT Blue X     X   X     X   X
Bel Pro GX65 $469.95 TEXT Red X     X   X   X X X X
Bel STi Magnum  $499.95 TEXT Red       X   X     X   X
Cobra ESD-7000  $  49.95 LED                        
Cobra XRS-9345  $  79.95 LED                        
Cobra XRS-9445  $  89.95 LED                   X    
Cobra XRS-9545  $104.95 TEXT Green                 X    
Cobra XRS-9645  $119.95 TEXT Green X   X   X X          
Cobra XRS-9745  $119.95 TEXT Green X   X   X X     X    
Cobra XRS-9845  $139.95 LCD Blue X   X   X X     X    
Cobra XRS-9945  $149.95 LCD Multi X   X   X X     X    
Cobra XRS-9955  $159.95 LCD Multi X   X   X X     X    
Cobra XRS-9965  $159.95 LCD Multi X   X   X X     X    
Cobra XRS-9970G  $249.95 LCD Multi X   X   X X   X X    
Cobra SLR-500 $179.95 LCD X X X
Cobra SLR-600 $199.95 LCD X X X
Cobra SLR-650G $279.95 LCD   X   X         X X    
Escort 8500 x50 Black w/Blue   $339.95 TEXT Blue       X   X         X
Escort 8500 x50 Black w/Red  $339.95 TEXT Red       X   X         X
Escort 9500ix $499.95 TEXT Blue X      X   X   X X X X
Escort Redline $499.95 TEXT Blue       X   X     X   X
Escort Solo S2 Cordless  $339.95 TEXT Blue   X X                
Whistler PRO-68  $  99.95 LED       X     X          
Whistler PRO-78SE  $169.95 TEXT Blue     X     X     X   X
Whistler XTR-140  $  44.95 LED                        
Whistler XTR-260  $  59.95 LED                        
Whistler XTR-325  $  89.95 LED X X         X     X    
Whistler XTR-330  $  69.95 LED             X     X    
Whistler XTR-500  $  89.95 TEXT Red           X     X    
Whistler XTR-520  $109.95 TEXT Red           X     X    
Whistler XTR-560  $129.95 TEXT Red X         X     X    
Whistler XTR-690SE  $159.95 TEXT Blue     X    X X     X   X
Whistler XTR-695SE  $169.95 TEXT Multi     X    X X     X   X