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Escort Entourage PS

Escort Entourage PS

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ESCORT Entourage PS powered by Blackline GPS
GPS-based Vehicle Security And Protection Where & When It Counts

 Experience truly portable security and location awareness for your vehicles and other belongings with ESCORT® Entourage™ PS, combining always-on GPS tracking, tamper-sensing technology and instant security alerting through email and text message. Discover real portability with the UltimateSense™ antenna that makes it easy to hide the PS in a variety of places. Real location awareness lets you share your vehicle's movements with people you know on their Blackberry® smartphones or browser-enabled mobile phones and computers. And real security takes the guesswork out of security by automatically setting a new ‘security zone’ when armed, and alerts you when it’s been compromised. These features and more make choosing Entourage PS real easy.

Real portability
Entourage PS goes where your vehicle or other possessions go. The compact, sleek design and Blackline GPS UltimateSense™ GPS antenna technology make it easy to hide the Entourage PS in your vehicle or other personal possessions while delivering optimum tracking performance. And its internal battery lasts up to one full week on a single charge.

Real security
When armed, Entourage PS automatically sets a geographical ‘security zone’ for your vehicle or personal items and turns on it's tamper-sensing technology. Should your vehicle or other belongings be compromised or moved outside of its security perimeter, Entourage PS will notify you by both email and text message (SMS). It's like having a dedicated personal assistant looking out for the things that matter to you the most.

Real location awareness
Know where Entourage PS is located any time, from your online Network Account. Locate Entourage PS in as little as 20 seconds, automate tracking with a location schedule, or use continuous tracking to automatically update Entourage PS location as quickly as every 10 seconds. Plus, you can track the precise location of the Entourage PS on your Blackberry® smartphone or browser-enabled mobile phone - all in real-time.

Real location and security sharing
Advanced sharing technology goes beyond mere tracking, and lets you share your vehicle or other item's location with people you know via your private Network Account. You can even create a FREE Network Account for your friends, family or associates to access any or all of the features of your Entourage PS. You are in control of all permissions, all of the time.

Real personalization
Your private Network Account allows you to set all your security preferences - and change them at any time. Remotely arm or disarm your security feature of your Entourage PS, choose icons and names for your different devices, remotely locate your various GPS devices, check your vehicle's speed and direction on Google™ maps and more.

Real easy
With its wide range of features, dependable performance and superior quality of user experience, the Entourage PS is the smartest choice in truly portable security and location awareness for your life on-the-go.

What's in the box
ESCORT Entourage PS comes complete with a quick start guide, 1 wall charger, and 1 vehicle charger cable.

Activation and Subscription Plan required for use:
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