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GMX560 GM Lockpick

GMX560 GM Lockpick

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Introducing the new GMX560 LOCKPICK (Now w/Wireless Remote Control)
GMX-560 Remote Control
  • The new GMX560 can activate audio and video out in all capable Apple products as well as provide advanced functions for the iPhone/iTouch/iPad devices (also 6th Gen Nano) and display it on the front screen. The GMX560 is the first product available for vehicle integration that can activate the iPpod out graphic function in iPhone and iTouch products.  The GMX-560 integrates this function with the factory steering wheel controls for a seamless operation.

  • Search Playlists, Artists, Albums Songs, Genres, Composers one at a time or alphabetically for long lists.

  • Display  Album Art, time graphs and more from your favorite songs..

  • Steering wheel controls can also control Play/Pause and skip songs on Pandora radio as well as Track up, Track down, Play, Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind on older iPods that do not have iPod OUT capabilities!!

  • Play movies from your iPod/iPhone/iTouch/iPad on your radio screen.

  • Stream NETFLIX movies and TV shows from your iPhone directly to your radio

  • The interface allows manual and automatic activation of front/rear/left/right cameras and provides standard video inputs for each as well as providing camera power connections. 

  • AUX inputs for video and audio are also included allowing connections from any type of multimedia device to display on the front screen and the audio to be heard through the sound system. 

  • The GMX-5660 includes connections and inputs for a hands-free Bluetooth kit allowing simple integration of aftermarket kits. 

  • Also, the GMX560 provides outputs for audio and video to external screens or headrests. The output is fully dual zone allowing independent viewing of video and audio from any of the connected sources regardless of what is being viewed on the  the front screen.

  • Of course, the GMX-560 can allow navigation input and address searches while in motion as well as unlock the factory DVD player for use anytime. 

  • USB upgradeable to keep it current with Lockpick advances and vehicle changes.