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Laser Protection

Radar Detectors are great against radar guns but in some cases you will encounter a laser gun. Unlike radar which many of the good detectors can give you plenty of time to react, a laser hit is a direct hit to your vehicle and there is usually little or no time to react. The good thing is that there are some inexpensive products which can give you additional time to react. If front license plates are used in your area then a Laser Shield plate cover is a must have. Laser VEIL G4 will also protect your headlights making them not reflective to the laser gun.

When you want ultimate protection a Laser Jammer is available. Laser Jammers have heads which are mounted in the front and rear of your vehicle will block the laser gun from getting a reading on your vehicle. We always recommend the Laser Shield / Laser Veil G4 bundle with any detector purchase but if you want additional laser protection also add a laser jammer. Today the Absolute best Laser Jammer is the AL Priority Laser Defense System.
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AL Priority Laser Defense and Parking Sensors
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Escort Laser Shifter Pro
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BLINDER HP-905 Diode Laser Jammer
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