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OnTrack Photo Stopper Anti Photo Radar Spray

OnTrack Photo Stopper Anti Photo Radar Spray

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OnTrack Photo Stopper Photo Blocker Spray

Due to this item containing flammable liquid this product can only ship surface to the US & Canada.


Reflects photo radar flash. Spray it and make your license plate invisible to cameras. Proven to beat photo radar cameras.

REFLECTS photo radar flash, helping to prevent a costly ticket!

FAST spray-on formula is easily applied in minutes!

INVISIBLE to the naked eye, only you will know it is on your vehicle!

EXCLUSIVE formula! Good for 6 or more plates!

BEST alternative for those areas where you can't use an anti-radar license plat cover!

One application is good for life. Will not wash off, will not fade, and will not yellow your plate (like other brands do.)

How does PHOTOSTOPPER work?
Photo radar cameras often utilize a strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car as it speeds by. The special PHOTOSTOPPER formula works to reflect the flash back to the camera. Result is an overexposed and unreadable picture, often preventing a costly ticket.

Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this cover in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.