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Q3i RadarHawk Traveller II Cordless Radar Detector

Q3i RadarHawk Traveller II Cordless Radar Detector

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Part Number:Traveller-II
Traveller II Radar Detector

"FET" resistive mixer allows the Traveller II to process signals faster and more accurately. Other manufacturers still use mixer diodes and oscillators. As a result, you get fewer annoying false alerts and considerably faster detection response. Also, FET circuitry consumes less power, providing much longer battery life. So you get portability, a clean dash, and superior radar performance in one package. The Traveller II radar detector incorporates all the features of the original Traveller and adds the option of voice alerts. The messages are spoken in English or Spanish

All Radar/Laser Band Detection - Alerts you to X, K, Superwide Ka, and Laser signals.
360° Total Coverage - 360° sensing perimeter.
VG-2 Protection - Invisible to radar-detector sensing units used by law enforcement.
Multiple Driving Modes - 1 highway mode and 4 city modes significantly reduce false alerts.
X Band Delete Mode - City Mode 4 completely blocks X band.
Text Screen - Text displays are backlit by LEDs.
Auto Power-Off - Unit shuts off automatically if no signals are detected and no buttons are manipulated for one hour.
Wireless Option - Uses 2 AA batteries or 12V DC power adapter (both included).
Bilingual Voice Alerts - English or Spanish voice alerts.
Earpiece Jack - For motorcycle use.
Mode Memory - Retains previously set operational modes after power-off.
Tutorial Mode - Allows you to become familiar with various audio and visual alerts.
User Controls - Brightness, volume, mute, sensitivity, voice-alert language, and voice on/off.

Includes: Detector, Mounting bracket, suction cups, batteries, and power adapter.

Dimensions & Weight
1.3" x 3.3" x 4.5", 5.8 ounces with 2 AA batteries.