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Uniden Radar Detectors

Uniden was once a large player in the radar detector game but over the years they seemed to have left the business. For 2015 Uniden came back into the radar detector business and they had some exciting new products.  Immediately it was clear that Uniden had their game together and the performance on their new models was very impressive. Their top of the line LRD850 & LRD950 were both very impressive and offered features and performance comparable to units costing double their price.  For 2016 Uniden refreshed the line and introduced the DFR Series of products and their top of the line models the DFR6 & DFR7 are now rated our best detectors to buy in the $200 and $300 price categories.
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Uniden DFR3 Radar Detector
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$84.95  $79.95
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Uniden DFR8 Radar & Laser Detector8
$229.99  $199.99
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Uniden R1 Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector
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Uniden DFR9 Radar & Laser Detector
$329.99  $299.99
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Uniden R7 Radar Detector
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