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Uniden Smart Cord w/Mute Button and LED

Uniden Smart Cord w/Mute Button and LED

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Smartcord for New Uniden DFR6, DFR7, R1 & R3 units.  There is also some compatibility with some previous models:

LRD850 : All production models are compatible
LRD950 : serial no in range of 5A003091 -> 5A004120 are compatible

LED Operation :

LRD850/950 : The Amber LED does not turn on when power is on and flashes only during alerts.
DFR6/DFR7 : the Amber LED is lit to show the power is on and also flashes during alerts.

Double Click of the mute button during an alert on supported units will initiate a GPS Lockout without having to reach over and use the Mark button.

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