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Whistler DE-1788 - Cordless Radar Detector

Whistler DE-1788 - Cordless Radar Detector

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Discontinued - Replaced with Whistler XTR-540
Part Number:Whistler-DE1788
The Whistler DE-1788 has been discontinued, The replacement is the new Whistler XTR-540
Whistler DE-1788 Cordless Laser-Radar Detector w/ POP
Whether you commute to work or school on the freeway, drive for a living, or just like to go on an occasional recreational trip, the Whistler DE-1788 Wireless Battery-Powered Radar/Laser Detector is an invaluable addition to your motor vehicle. Designed with an internal battery pack and equipped with four rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) AA batteries, the DE-1788 gives you the option of packing away the power cord included with purchase so that you can go wireless.

The DE-1788 gives you 360-degree protection from a full range of detection signals, including X, K, Ka, and safety band radar, as well as laser and VG-2 detector detection. In addition, the DE-1788 is specially equipped to detect the rapid bursts of POP mode radar, which last less that 1/15 of a second and are undetectable by non-POP-equipped detectors.

Lightweight and compact, the DE-1788 comes with a windshield mount to let you position your detector for easy visual access to the blue-background LCD text display. And to limit false alerts, the DE-1788 gives you a choice of three different detection modes, letting you avoid the annoyance of repeated automatic door opener and burglar alarm warnings when you're driving in the city, but letting you know if signal strength becomes strong.

So with the Whistler DE-1788 Radar/Laser Detector in your car or truck, you'll be prepared for just about anything when you're behind the wheel.
What's in the Box:
  • DE-1788 Radar Detector
  • Windshield Mounting Bracket
  • Straight Power Cord
  • 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Home Plug-in Battery Charger
  • Owner's Manual.