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Beltronics Radar Detectors

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Beltronics is the industry leader in technology and innovation. Bel radar detectors remain quiet and versatile while delivering the longest possible detection ranges. Trusted and respected as the preeminent force in radar technology, Beltronics boasts four selectivity functions to virtually eliminate false alerts, and Digital Voice Technology to identify radar and laser encounters without the need for you to take your eyes off the road.

The pros at Beltronics know radar technology is ever-improving, so they design their Bel radar detectors to meet that challenge. The top-of-the-line Beltronics PRO-500, Beltronics Pro 300 & Sti Magnum radar detectors boasts incredible sensitivity and an all-digital design for superb accuracy and dependability. Digital voice and audio tone alerts warn you of the use of X, K, and Ka radar, as well as laser guns, Ku band radar (for European travelers), 360 degree protection and the latest POP and Instant-On detection devices. Get your Beltronics radar detector today!  Compare the latest Beltronics PRO Models.
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Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector
Discontinued - No Longer Produced