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Escort Live

SmartCord Live uses Bluetooth® technology to communicate with your iPhone or Android phone using our exclusive app. This combination of technologies gives you access to the most powerful driver alert network - the patented ESCORT Live! (subscription may apply). You can also easily access your detector's settings and manage alerts from your iPhone.

With our patented ESCORT Live!, you and your fellow drivers will instantly communicate all radar/laser encounters automatically, providing the most up-to-date and accurate protection on the road. Imagine millions of other drivers helping you Drive Smarter!


  • Our real-time ticket protection network warns you of upcoming alerts received by other users in the area.
  • Our DEFENDER Database warns you of verified speed traps, speed cameras, and red light cameras.
  • Our most popular GPS-powered features, including speed-limit data for over-speed alerts and Truelock™ to help eliminate false alerts.
  • You can also Mark locations for future reference!

NOTE: ESCORT Live! enabled features are only available while running the iPhone application or Android application.

Connections and Controls


Map and Dashboard Views

View your current location, as well as upcoming alerts and markers on your route.

Escort Live Map View

View your speed, speed limit, radar sensitivity, and heading.

Escort Live Dashboard View



Escort Live Settings


Customize ESCORT Live! and your detector to your personal preferences.

NOTE: Radar settings are only available when connected to and within range of your detector.

The key to our patented ESCORT Live™ is the real-time national reach, making it the ultimate social network for drivers. Currently there are more than a million compatible ESCORT or BELTRONICS radar detectors on the road in the United States. Multiply this data gathering and sharing process by millions of miles and driving hours and the result is a nation of protected ESCORT Live™ drivers.

Here's how it works: Imagine departing for the morning commute. Your neighbor's ESCORT radar detector encounters a laser gun; that alert information is relayed immediately to the ESCORT Live™ network as a confirmed "laser detected" threat. Later, as you head in the same direction, even when you are miles away from the waiting laser gun, your smartphone equipped with the ESCORT Live™ app displays a red "laser spotted" alert before you are in range.

ESCORT Live™ alerts are displayed with band, signal strength and frequency. Events spotted previously in the network are indicated by an "approaching live alert" message with directional location arrow and distance-to-arrive to the alert source.

Alerts appear at their coordinate location and are marked with an intuitive "heat map" decaying icon that changes color and transparency based on alert relevance.

The ESCORT Live™ app provides the latest available information on speed cameras, speed traps and speed limit data. Important driving data is displayed for compass heading, vehicle speed and over-speed alerts. Users are automatically updated with the latest detector software and select models will add our traffic sensor rejection (TSR) software to eliminate annoying false alerts from traffic flow sensors. The app features map and dashboard views with multiple user settings. Get connected today!