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Escort Max or Max 2 vs. The Escort Redline

Comparing the Passport Max & Passport Max 2 against the Escort Redline radar detector.

While doing any research for radar detectors you will always see these common detectors listed as the worlds best radar detector.  The problem is while they are all great radar detectors the best radar detector for your needs could be different for another persons needs.

Let start with the Passport Max & Max 2 both have an internal GPS antenna and the Redline does not.  The GPS antenna in the Escort Max Series is used to give you advance notification of red light cameras and fixed speed cameras. It can also be used for the detector to mark and ignore false alerts by memorizing your GPS location and the frequency of known false alert.

None of those functions are available on the Redline but what the Redline does offer is different antenna which is a dual antenna and it offers the best overall performance. When we say better performance it means you will have more time to react when an alert goes off. 

The Escort Redline also is invisible to RDD's (Radar Detector Detectors) and if you travel through areas where radar detectors are banned (Virginia or Washington DC and certain provinces in Canada) they can not detect the presence of your radar detector if you forget to turn it off.

So normally we would say if you mostly drive on the highway or travel through banned areas then the Redline would give you better performance and would be the better choice.  If you drive mostly in the city you will definitely benefit more from having the GPS functions of the Passport Max or Max 2 making them much more quiet in the city.

Until recently there was not a way to get the best of both worlds but if you have a smartphone (Android or Apple) there is now a way to get the best of both worlds but it requires two separate devices.  You could go with the Escort Redline and add Escort's new Escort Live product.

Escort live is a special Smart-cord with a built in Bluetooth adapter which connects your Escort Redline to your Smartphone. The Escort Live app which is available on both the Android or Apple platform will give you the fixed speed camera and red light camera alerts using the GPS from your Smartphone.  You can also using the Escort Live app mark and ignore false alerts on your Escort Redline.

So this essentially would give you GPS function of the Max & Max 2 on your Redline but it would require you always have your smartphone connected to your radar detector using Escort Live for any false lock outs to work which might be an inconvenience to many.

There are also many other benefits to Escort Live but this comparison is only to discuss the difference of the Passport Max & Max 2 verse the Escort Redline.  View the Escort Live product page if you want more information on all the features of Escort Live.

Also important to note is that the Passport Max & Max 2 are identical in performance.  The main difference is the Max 2 includes a built in Bluetooth chip which enables the Max 2 to connect to Escort's Escort Live product without needing a separate Escort Live Smartcord like the original Max.