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Escort Redline RDR & BS

Now Available with RDR/BS Menu Options:
  (Video: With Permission from Nine C1 on Escort Radar Forums)

With the enhanced RDR/BS option you can now have advanced Band Segmentation once only available on the much higher priced Beltronics Sti-R Plus. BS (Band Segmentation) allows users to select certain frequency ranges within the KA band to turn on or off. Removing certain bands from the scan that you know are not used in your area allows the Redline to scan KA Band much faster.

RDR (Radar Detector Rejection) option with the new Expert Firmware was not an option you could turn off in previous editions. This option allows the detectors to eliminate False alerts caused from nearby radar detectors in other vehicles. While this works great to eliminate false alerts it causes the detector to pause (Only for Miliseconds) while it determines if the alert is a false or a real threat. The problem is I/O and POP Radar are very fast and having this option on could cause the Redline to not alert to one of these real threats.

Using RDR & BS at the same time almost turbo charges the response time of the Redline while not adding many additional false alerts. Since you eliminate segments of the non real police frequencies you can eliminate many of these false alerts and you can use the RDR Off function to dramatically increase the response time of the detector. These are not features the average user should play with without guidance of knowing what is used in their area. We can help with setting up your Redline properly in your area.

To purchase this updated unit go to the Escort Redline RDR/BS product page.