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Radar Detector FAQ's

Here are our most common Radar Detector questions that we receive: (Updated 12/3/2014)

1. What is the best radar detector for the money? 

Without a doubt we can say that we feel that the best radar detectors are between the following units: Beltronics PRO-300 ($299.95),  The Escort Passport ($349.95) , Beltronics PRO-500 ($399.95), Escort Redline ($499.95) and the Escort Max & Escort Max 2 ($549.95 & $599.95).

With a starting price of around $300 for these units, they may be out of the price range for many shoppers.  We rank these radar detectors the best because they offer the absolute best performance and they are all firmware upgradeable. 

If you live in an area where radar detectors are illegal (Virginia, Washington DC & some countries including parts of Canada) and you can afford $499.95 then the Escort Redline is the unit for you.  In areas where detectors are illegal enforcement uses RDD's (Radar Detector Detectors) to find vehicles using radar detectors.  The Escort Redline is immune to all RDD technologies and they can not sense you are using a radar detector in these areas.  
The new Escort Max & Max 2 takes false alerts to the next level with an Auto Learn feature which will automatically learn all the false alerts in your area and ignore them making it an extremely quiet detector which is great for city use.  The Escort Max & Max 2 also come with a complete North American & Canada database of all red-light and fix speed camera locations.

Please check out the following page for more info on both these detectors: Comparing the Max & Max 2 Radar Detectors.

2. What is the best radar detector under $200?

There are a few good units in this price category.  Whistler just refreshed their lineup in 2014 and introduced the new high performance CR Series.  Two of these units new models are excellent detectors for their price and worthy to be in the best under $200 category. The Whistler CR85 ($149.95) is their new  high performance entry level radar detector and the Whistler CR90 ($189.95) is the same as the CR85 but it adds an internal gps antenna, This enables the CR90 to also give you red light camera and fixed speed camera protection.   If you want camera protection and your budget is under $200 either of these units would be a smart investment.
3. What are the differences between the Escort 8500 x50 and the Beltronics RX65?
You may not be aware of this but Beltronics and Escort merged some time ago.  Both of these detectors offer extremely similar performance and they are based on the same antenna platform but there are some feature differences.  The most popular differences are that the RX65 includes voice alerts and also includes a new KU Band that is being used in Europe.  They are currently priced the same at $299.95 and with the additional features the Beltronics RX65 is our choice.
4. What is the difference between the Escort 8500 x50 Red & Blue Display?

The color of the display is the only difference.  Escort has claimed that the blue display cost more money to produce so they pass that cost on to the consumer in the price of the unit. 

5. Whats the deal with cordless radar detectors and why have so many of them been discontinued?

One of the biggest problems with a cordless radar detector is that in order to conserve battery power these units cycle on and off constantly.  Because of this cordless radar detectors have less range and most do not offer protection from the newest POP Mode radar guns.  Unless you are in and out of rental cars daily we highly recommend you stay away from the cordless models.
6. What is POP radar?

POP Mode is a normal K or Ka band radar signal which travels from the radar gun to a target and back in less than a 1/10th of a second. Most radar detectors manufactured over 2 years ago and cordless radar detector models can not see this signal because it is just too fast. This technology is growing and many of the newer models do offer protection for this new technology. 

7. What are Voice Alerts?

Voice alerts is an option on some radar detectors that will verbally tell you what radar band is being picked up.  You will also get audible alerts and messages on the screen when a laser or radar signal is detected.  Most units that have voice alerts also have SWS which will give voice alerts such as "Ambulance Approaching", etc.
8. Between the Beltronics RX65 and the Escort 8500 x50 which one is smaller?

This is best explained in a picture. 

The Beltronics is shorter in length but is slightly wider.  The Escort 8500 x50 is more narrow but it is slightly longer.

9. What is the difference from the RX65 to the new Beltronics PRO 300?

Pro 300 has both cosmetic changes as well as performance gains. 

RX65 vs. Beltronics PRO-300

Visit the following Pro-300 vs RX65 detailed comparison for all the details on these two units.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-229-7594 or email us at [email protected]