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Product User Manuals

Did you loose your user manual? Want to browse a user manual before you purchase a unit?
Below are the user manuals for most of our Radar Detectors in Adobe PDF format.

Below is the list of current radar detector models.  If the model you are looking for is not listed check our
Discontinued Radar Detector Manuals.

Beltronics Escort Whistler Cobra PNI
Bel-V940 8500x50 Black
CR65 ESD-7000 Silver Bullet RX7500
Bel-V955 Escort 9500i CR70 XRS-9345 Silver Bullet II RX7600
Bel-V995 Escort 9500ix CR75 XRS-9445  
Bel Pro RX65 Escort Redline CR80 XRS-9545  
Bel Pro GX65 Solo S3 CR85
Bel Sti Driver Passport iQ PRO-68SE XRS-9645  
Bel Sti Magnum
PRO-78SE XRS-9745  
Bel PRO 100
PRO-3450 XRS-9845  
Bel PRO 200   PRO-3600 XRS-9945  
Bel PRO 300   XTR-145 XRS-9955  
Bel PRO 500   XTR-435 XRS-9965  
Bel StiR Plus   XTR-445 XRS-9960G  

  XTR-540 XRS-9970G  

  XTR-690SE XRS-R9G  

  XTR-695SE XRS-R10G