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The idea of Genevo radar detectors came up in 2009. The development of the first GPS enabled radar detector started early 2011 and sales launched in late 2012 (1.5years later) but before developing first Genevo models our Engineers worked for other top 3 companies in the industry for more than 10 years. Today Genevo is bestselling radar detector brand in Europe and the development speed has increased significantly over time. Genevo is a young, dynamic and fresh company in the industry with significant success in the market. We are breaking the rules!. We are the best European radar detector startup in last 10 years. Genevo is selling several thousand radar detectors yearly in Europe (despite the fact that radar detectors are prohibited almost everywhere in Europe) and the expansion to North America under the brand name “Radenso” is the next step in becoming a global player in the industry.
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Radenso PRO Radar Detector
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Radenso PRO SE Radar Detector
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Radenso XP Radar Detector
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