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Radenso XP Radar Detector
Radenso XP Radar Detector

Radenso XP Radar Detector

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NEW! Radenso XP Radar Laser Detector

Another high performing radar/laser detector has been added to the Radenso product line. The new Radenso XP radar detector rocks! When Radenso developed the XP they clearly had the radar detector enthusiast in mind.  Users were asking for a high performing radar detector with extraordinary Ka and K band detection capability, best in class false alert filtering and coupled with the features enthusiasts have been repeatedly asking for and the XP delivers.

To make it the preferred detector for non-enthusiasts as well as Enthusiasts we implemented a Beginner mode and Expert Mode. The Beginner mode lets you change a limited amount of features only and keeps the rest in default settings while the Expert mode allows you to individually customize the detector to your liking.

Here some of the feature highlights:

  • LNA equipped antenna board for highest possible sensitivity on all bands
  • GPS enabled
  • RJ11 power connection
  • Bright orange/red OLED display
  • Selectable radar bands (X, K, Ka band)
  • 360 degree Laser detection
  • Ka band segmentation (10 segments)
  • K narrow band
  • Selectable Ka POP radar band (ON/OFF)
  • Low power / low frequency K band detection
  • BSM / CAS filter to eliminate falsing from newer cars
  • Separate TSR filter to eliminate falsing from Traffic sensors
  • 3-digit frequency display to accurately report detected radar frequencies
  • Multiple Threat display
  • Low Speed muting (X and K band only)
  • MUTE Mode – keeps X and K band alerts permanently muted
  • Adjustable MUTE volume
  • Highway, City and AutoCity Mode
  • AutoCity Mode with selectable speed increments and filter levels for each band
  • Fully directional world class RLC/speed camera database with free monthly updates
  • Free firmware / database updates for life
  • Voice alerts with 260 different messages
  • Alert frequency voice announcement
  • GPS lockouts
  • Test Mode (full sensitivity, no filtering, no signal lag)
  • 6 driving mode selections (speed and compass, speed and time, speed and voltage, Voltage, Time, Speed)
  • VG2 undetectable / 99% invisible for Spectre IV and Spectre Elite
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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