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Uniden DFR7 Radar & Laser Detector
Uniden DFR7 Radar & Laser Detector

Uniden DFR7 Radar & Laser Detector

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New for 2016 is Uniden's current Top of the line model the DFR7.  In its price range this is the detector to beat.  The Uniden DFR7 like the original LRD-950 is surprising everyone with it sensitivity and it gets compared to detectors that cost more than double its price.  For a detector with upgradable firmware, GPS for red light and fixed speed cameras and the ability to lock out and ignore false alerts there is nothing better it its price range that is comparable.  By Far the Uniden DFR7 is currently the best all around radar detector under $300.

If you do not need the GPS Function of the DFR7 you can get the Uniden DFR6 which has the same performance for only $199.95

  • GPS
  • 360 Degree Laser Detection
  • X, K, KA SuperWideband Detection
  • OLED - Easy to read OLED display
  • Quiet ride - Mutes alert below your set speed
  • Mute Memory - Mutes by logging Frequency and GPS location
  • Text Alert Readout
  • Voice Alert
  • Digital Navigator Electronic Compass
  • VG-2 Undetectability
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • City/Highway Modes
  • Firmware & Database Updates
5 Stars
Uniden dfr7
The dfr7 is an awesome unit and perfect for me. Does really great with false alerts from BSM I havnt even noticed any. KA is always a state trooper or local cop running radar never a false alert there and it always catches them long before I even see them. Never given a false KA. I left on k band because I ran into one local cop that was actually on k band but that's 1 out of the 50 or so KA alerts I've gotten so debating on turning off the k band all together. K band can get a little noisy with the automatic doors and such but the gps lock outs are really nice for that. Overall this is an amazing unit and has saved me more than 5 times already in the month I've owned it. Would strongly recommend :)
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Reviewed by:  from Salt lake city utah . on 4/11/2017
5 Stars
Pure Value
Tom and BRD are the absolute top of the radar detector industry when it comes to price and customer service. All other vendors pale. The DFR7 is on par with my sweeped V1/YaV1 in Ka 34.7 range. K Band false alerts are minimum with Unidens superior BSM filtering. The DFR7 Just an outstanding value to be had. More than adequate protection and provides a nice quiet ride with the GPS Quiet Ride/Lockout features.
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Reviewed by:  from South Texas. on 10/19/2017
5 Stars
Fantastic Detector
Vortex Radar, gave the DFR7 a very positive review comparing its performance favorably to some of the higher prices detectors. I previously owned another manufactures unit and was extremely frustrated with the K band false alerts from other vehicles. The DFR7 has great filtering and the unit only sounds when their is a real threat, for the price you are receiving a terrific value.
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Reviewed by:  from NY. on 9/20/2017
5 Stars
Great Purchase
The DFR7 is a definite must-have. Yes, it's not the latest unit anymore, but this unit performs really well and hasn't let me down. While I'm newer to the radar detector scene, I'm pleased with the functionality this thing has. One feature I really like is the "Auto Mute." While it doesn't exactly 'mute' the audio alert, Auto Mute lowers the volume after a couple seconds of the initial alert. Very convenient, especially with passengers. The GPS lockout feature comes in very handy also. Highly recommend this one. Also, thanks to Vortex Radar for the recommendation as well as the educational videos.
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Reviewed by:  from Palos Park, IL. on 6/28/2017
5 Stars
I have had the DFR7 for about two months and am happy to say I'm thrilled with its performance. I live in Toronto, Canada where a radar detector is illegal and the city is a huge metropolitan city with 6 million+ population. Thus Stealth (RDD) capability, GPS Lockout/Filtering are a MUST. Amazingly with the filter "on" and on highgway mode, I get virtually no false alarms from BSMs. The ONLY other feature I wish the DFR7 had is the MRCD feature which will be introduced to Ontario Later this year. I'm hoping that Uniden will add this feature on updated R3 Models in the future.
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Reviewed by:  from Toronto, Canada. on 6/6/2017