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Whistler-PRO-78SE - New (Second Edition) Model
Whistler-PRO-78SE - New (Second Edition) Model

Whistler-PRO-78SE - New (Second Edition) Model

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Part Number:Whistler-PRO-78SE

Whistler PRO-78SE Laser-Radar Detector

w/Improved KA Sensitivity!

The Whistler Pro-78SE has taken the best features of the original Pro-78 & Original Pro-78SE and added additional functionality, increased KA performance and a fresh new look. The Whistler Pro78SE is the best performing radar detector ever created by Whistler. The Pro-78SE Laser-Radar Detector will pick up all radar bands (X, K, KA) as well as all laser radars and has POP mode detection. The Whistler Pro-78SE Laser-Radar Detector has a quiet mode, city/highway function, and dual alerts to warn you if multiple threats are received. The Pro78SE also includes an auto dimming display for a easier to read screen in both the day and night. Another nice addition is the included hard wire kit which will allow you to wire the unit directly to the electrical system and not use the cigarette lighter cord.

Whistler Pro-78 SE Features:
  • Enhanced High Performance!
  • Ka Max Mode - - Improved Ka Band Sensitivity
  • Exclusive Radar Signature ID - RSID - displays known Ka gun frequencies
  • Exclusive Laser Signature ID - LSID - displays Pulses Per Second (PPS) of the received laser signal
  • Three (3) Filter Modes Provides extra filtering
  • Auto Dim ModeBlue Text Display
  • INTELLICORD Ready - Program which features INTELLICORD controls
  • Real Voice Alerts - selectable
  • Patented POP Mode Detection
  • Exclusive Low Profile Alert Periscopes
  • Total Band Protection - selectable 360 degree Maxx Coverage
  • 3 City Modes/Highway Modes
  • High Gain Lens
  • Stay Alert Dim Modes
  • Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
  • Alert Priority
  • Setting Saver
  • Vehicle Battery Saver - selectable
  • Safety Warning System - SWS
Size = 4.90" x 3.15" x 1.40"
Weight = 6.5 oz
Insert Color = Black
Power = 12 Volts
Warranty = 3 Years
Included Accessories: Power Cord, Direct Wire Kit, Windshield Mount, Dash Pad