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Cobra Rad 450 Radar Detector
Cobra Rad 450 Radar Detector

Cobra Rad 450 Radar Detector

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Part Number:RAD-450
Cobra's RAD 450 radar detector keeps you aware of incoming radar and laser threats like a champ, and it looks darn good doing so. Not only does its sharp OLED screen provide easily scannable visual alerts, this detector features spoken and tone audible alerts so you can know what's up ahead without even looking. Cobra loaded the RAD 450 with advanced technology to keep false alerts to a minimum, so you can cruise with worry-free confidence.

Product highlights:

  • radar detector
  • suction-cup mount
  • straight power cord
  • white OLED text display
  • English or Spanish voice and text alerts
  • detects multiple radar bands and 6 laser bands
  • audio tone and voice alerts for radar and laser, including signal strength
  • anti-falsing circuitry and updatable in-vehicle technology filter
  • 360° laser protection
  • VG-2 and Spectre I immunity and alerts
  • Spectre IV+ alerts
  • display includes numeric signal strength
  • dim and auto-mute modes
  • QuietDrive mode for temporary silence

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