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Uniden R9 Remote Radar & Laser System
Uniden R9 Remote Radar & Laser System

Uniden R9 Remote Radar & Laser System

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Part Number:R9
R9 Radar Detector/Laser Transponder Kit

  • Custom-installed Radar Detector/Laser Transponder with Best-in-class Detection Range and False Signal Filtering
  • World’s First Radar Detector with Dual Low-Noise Amplifier for Best-in-class Signal-to-Noise (SNR) Ratio
  • 360-degree Protection – Identifies Direction of Threat and Type
  • Includes 2 Radar Signal Receivers (Front & Rear)
  • Includes 6 Laser Transponders out-of-box
  • Integrated GPS Receiver for Auto Lock-outs/Mark Locations & Red-light/Speed Camera Location Alerts
  • Customizable, Full-color OLED Display
  • Bluetooth included for App Integration
  • USB Memory Stick included for Firmware Updates
* Special Return Policy - Uniden has made it clear that the Uniden R9 Remote Installed Radar System is not going to be returnable once opened and there are no exceptions. If an installer determines that a part is defective Uniden USA will have replacement parts on hand to replace those components (No returns on the full systems themselves) - Please take this information into account when you decide you might be interested in purchasing one.

I would suggest anyone that is considering one first takes some time and talks with some local installers prior to purchasing and get some install estimates. These systems sold from us will carry a 15% restocking fee even if unopened due to costs of processing your credit cards which alone is up to 4% depending on your credit card.  Credit Card processing fee's are not returnable to us on refunds. Other costs will include our cost to ship and insure these expensive items and warehousing and pick and packing fee's which are also not refundable to us when our fulfillment company ships the items.  If you need help locating an installer use the contact us form on the website and give us your contact information and we will help you locate an installer. 

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